Wednesday, January 31, 2007

UK sees second warmest January

This January is on course to be the second warmest in the UK since records began and the fifth warmest in central England for 350 years.
The average UK temperature so far for the month - which experts say is unlikely to change - is 5.9C (43F). The average Central England Temperature (CET), which has been measured since 1658, is 7.1C (45F). The Met Office began recording UK weather in 1914, with the warmest January since that time coming in 1916.

During that record month, the average temperature was 6.3C (43F).
The Met Office said temperatures had been pushed up by winds blowing warm air in from the west.

This month's average is 2.5C above the Met Office's long-term January average, measured between 1971 and 2000.
This January has also seen 17% more sunshine and 21% more rain than normal.
Read the BBC story here.

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